Day 13 – Halloween!

It turns out, that not only do I not eat grains, but I also can’t count. Did I say eating Paleo lifts brain fog? I might have to take that back. Yesterday was Day 12 not 13! Doh! , Coincidentally, our thirteenth day is on Halloween. I have sent our two kids off to a […]

Day 13- Weight Loss vs Overall Health

Paleo allows us to have our grain-free cake and eat it too. A good diet should not be measured by weight loss alone, but how one feels overall. Paleo has been responsible for curing diseases and alleviating chronic pain, such as back pain and migraines.It can improve mental health, cure diabetes and give pain relief […]

Day Twelve – Chocolate

It has been a tough day of flooded rooms, men digging holes in my backyard, a really tough WOD and not enough sleep. I feel the cortisol levels rising โ€“ not good. I could really do with a glass of wine and a square of dark chocolate, maybe flavoured with a bit of chilly. ๐Ÿ™‚ […]

Day Eleven – Sugars

Sugar might not be so bad, if it wasn’t in almost everything! And it’s not just in cookies and cakes, chocolate and ice-cream, it’s in all of your sauces and dressings, breads and even sometimes in mixed herbs. Avoiding sugar, is a conscious choice of checking labels and asking questions when purchasing. It is a […]

Day 8, The Weigh-In

Day eight and one week is over Jackie strolls into Kid’s Yoga this morning, wearing a miniskirt and a smile on her face. She lost 5 pounds, this week and her waist is 3.5cm less! I think she deserves a treat – a very small apple pie. Just baked some….I haven’t weighed myself yet, maybe […]