Food, Philosophy and FUN!

I am writing a book – it is here to remind me, of what fun is. Do you remember what makes you happy? What makes you smile before you go to sleep at night? I discovered my love of writing and what makes me happy. My family, loving husband, son, and daughter.My writing and my […]

I love Pareto

I really didn’t want to call this book a Paleo book. But I do need to make money and apparently branding helps. Have I sold my soul to the devil? Maybe not, if I can inspire some people to change their lives, become conscious and be healthy. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in a […]


Coming out the end of a dark tunnel, I see the light. It is a beautiful day. I have love in my heart and blessings for all of humanity – even those who have disappointed me and hurt me deeply. These are the lessons I feel grateful for. They redirect me to the path I […]