Coming out the end of a dark tunnel, I see the light. It is a beautiful day. I have love in my heart and blessings for all of humanity – even those who have disappointed me and hurt me deeply. These are the lessons I feel grateful for. They redirect me to the path I […]


Thoughts can be misleading and disturbing and confusing, so today I want to promote mindfulness and self love, through physical activity. I would like to share with you today a practice I do with my retreat clients, called BODY FOCUS.It is a body awareness and mindfulness activity that focusses on your posture. Here are seven […]

Duality, polarity and life

There are always two sides to a story. What makes us great is being able to see both sides of the coin. To analyse, understand and then, to act accordingly. Metta or compassion should always be used, when dealing with others. But did you know that true Metta or compassion must always begin with the […]

Liver in my pockets

I hated liver as a kid, I used to put all kinds of offal in my pockets to avoid the wrath of my Father. He was raised during the Depression, so finishing meals was a rule in our family. Nothing should be wasted. All must be eaten. His intention was good, but I was never […]

Men and women

How have men and women roles really changed? And has that change been followed by complete acceptance from our society/community? Have equal rights laws and feminism forced society into following something they don’t really believe in, for the sake of being politically correct? I personally don’t condone political correctness. I think it sucks the authenticity […]