Paleo and CrossFit

Flashing my Freezer Door

    Came home today in super-productive mode. On a bit of a high after increasing my Deadlift 1RM by 20 pounds, this morning. (Does deadlift deserve a capital?) I am not sure if that means anything to you, but I was pretty happy with myself, considering weightlifting has been a very challenging new hobby over […]

Pull up Challenge – Part One

You know that scene in the movie – the hero is running across the bridge, the bridge collapses; he is holding onto the edge of the remainder of the bridge, he pulls himself up and impressively reaches safety, wiping the sweat off his brow. If that were me, I would be a goner. I cannot […]

Does eating Kangaroo improve your box jumps?

Could eating kangaroo meat improve my box jumps? Probably not, but it is considered to be super food these days. I remember growing up in rural Australia, when kangaroo meat was either road kill or dog food – times have certainly changed since then. The swankiest restaurants are serving delicious kangaroo meals and most of […]

Paleo in Honkers

I just got back from Hong Kong. Five days and four nights. I managed to visit the friendly CrossFit Typhoon twice and taste some of the Paleo cuisine available. Burger Union was my favourite by far. You can choose the ‘burger in the bowl ‘ option and then tick the boxes to choose your meat, […]

A CrossFit Encounter

I have never been into sport, I have had the odd yoga class and meditation retreat, I was always more prone to reading books,travelling or partying. And sweating was definitely a man’s thing. But, somehow after three years of Paleo, and my proximity to forty, I decided to switch it up a notch and try […]