The importance of sleep – Day 19

I just woke up from a much deserved nap. Afternoon naps are the greatest luxury and one that everyone, should try to afford, as much as possible for a happy and healthy life. Especially mothers. I woke up this morning as a ‘ mummy sandwich ‘ in between two gluten free children, aged 9 and […]

Day 18 – Why not legumes?

Why not legumes? Although legumes are never invited to a 30 Day Challenge or more recently named the Whole30, there is some controversy as to whether, beans, peas, lentils and peanuts are really that bad. Scientifically speaking, they don’t really sound that appealing to me, although I would understand if you were a vegetarian that […]

Day 17 – Detoxing and Retracing

The 30 Day Paleo Challenge is something I do every year. Each time is easier, with less evidence of detoxing and less weight-loss. We also love to do a 7 day vegetable juice fast, 1-2 times a years, this gives me a total energy buzz and I don’t have much washing up… Do you remember […]

Easy Paleo Snacks

A boiled egg is one of the best snacks you can have on Paleo, that is, if you can stomach them. As a child, my mum used to cut up rectangular shapes of buttered toast, that were just slender enough to fit in the egg for dipping. It made egg eating bearable. These days, I […]

Paleo Pesto and the Two Week Mark

I had a bit of time up my sleeve today and found myself in a meditative state creating some Paleo Pesto and Tomato Sauce (Ketchup). One rule for a good Paleo kitchen, is not only make batches of everything to help keep you sane on those crazy days, but also – keep your jars! I […]