Personal growth

What does abundance mean to you?

Happy New Year readers! I think it is going to get really busy around here. My book has been written but is still at the designers.The perfectionist in me says it will take a few more months to complete. Did someone say it would be done before Christmas..ha! ha! The Super Bee Wraps and Witches […]

Duality, polarity and life

There are always two sides to a story. What makes us great is being able to see both sides of the coin. To analyse, understand and then, to act accordingly. Metta or compassion should always be used, when dealing with others. But did you know that true Metta or compassion must always begin with the […]

Men and women

How have men and women roles really changed? And has that change been followed by complete acceptance from our society/community? Have equal rights laws and feminism forced society into following something they don’t really believe in, for the sake of being politically correct? I personally don’t condone political correctness. I think it sucks the authenticity […]

Food for thought

Thailand takes nutrition to a whole new level. Maggots, frogs, rats, grasshoppers, ant eggs and pig skin snacks can test just how much of a caveman you really are! There are many nutritious bush foods to be found in the forest, as some of my Issan friends have shown me. The depletion of the forest […]

Ten Pathways to Self-Love

The following, is a process I go through over and over again. After much practice, self love, will just come naturally to you, allowing you to love others and for them to love you. I recently did a course based on the concept of neuro-plasticity of the brain. This taught students to change the parts […]