What does abundance mean to you?

Happy New Year readers!

I think it is going to get really busy around here.

My book has been written but is still at the designers.The perfectionist in me says it will take a few more months to complete. Did someone say it would be done before Christmas..ha! ha!

The Super Bee Wraps and Witches Stock have taken off too and now I am all go go go.

I keep thinking of a post written by the very talented Sara Foley about ‘ being careful for what you wish for.’ Now I have a lot of work to do and less time for fun and family…

The last five years I have been terribly frustrated work-wise. Despite being a dedicated mother and wife, I have constantly yearned to the point of discontentment for work that made me whole again – and to succeed in something. It has always been important to me to continually transform, spiritually, intellectually, physically and financially.


We are often instilled with a sense of guilt to want to make money, it comes from old religious beliefs, or something else? Any other ideas?
To be truly spiritual we should have limited clothing, walk barefoot with a stick and give all – right?
There are also sayings even in Eastern religions that translate into ‘ The chances of a rich man reaching heaven is the same as a camel fitting through a keyhole.I have no idea?

Or, The Tall Poppy Syndrome, that perpetuates the belief that anyone with more money than you is an asshole. Jealousy is a curse people.
Money does not define assholes. (please excuse my language)

It poses the question of: Do assholes really exist? Or; Do they only dwell in our judgemental minds and narrow insight into the bigger picture?

I guess the question is: what is abundance and what can I do with that?

Abundance is then, relative.

A family who lives in the countryside and is self sustainable, providing oneself with food and clean water, requiring little cash can be compared to a family with a new car living in a city with children who go to private schools and eat out 3 times a week.

Who has the most abundance here? Try and look at this without judgement, but rather as an observation.

In this moment, right now; abundance of time is something I value most. How much time do I have for my family? How much time do I have for myself? To write in my blog, to walk in the hills, to sit and brush the knots out of my hair.

I measure my success by how much time I have to give to those things that matter.

What if everyone in this world critically looked at how much those things mattered to which they have invested time into?

What did you do today, was your time well invested?

This should be looked at without judgement. It should matter only to you! Nobody can dictate what is important to you.

I am guilty of judging others and myself.

Then I need to remember that very obvious fact that is lost in the mind of many – everyone is different. What is important to me, might seem ridiculous to you. What you love to do, may seem like a waste of time to others and so on.

I think 2015 was a year of discovery. I thank Human Design and my teachers for the invaluable insight into who I can be. And most importantly to increase my awareness of how different we all are with our own individual design. It has decreased some of my rather judgemental elements and increased my acceptance of others….ahhhhhhhhh, a sigh of relief.