Crossing Bridges provides holistic reboot programmes for mind, body and soul.

Paleo influenced nutrition, yoga, lots of juices and a course on happiness.

Our reboot programmes give guidance on how to improve your lifestyle that is gentle to you and the earth.

We teach customers how to love themselves through better nutrition and to lessen the amount of chemicals and heavy metals in their life.

The Retreat Cottage
The Retreat Cottage

We teach yoga and mindfulness activities, like simple meditation and body awareness, that customers can realistically continue after they go home.
A maid, massages, yoga, long walks and good food.

Time for you to reboot.

Our mission is to improve the world one person at a time.


An elephants picnic. An elephant breeding camp is 2 km away.
An elephants picnic. An elephant breeding camp is 2 km away.

Clients stay in a 3 bedroom cottage with a Paleo kitchen tucked away in the mountains. The base package is accommodation, food and daily guidance about health, nutrition cooking and coaching from the your host.

Clients learn hands on how to live a healthy life, with all the tricks to making it easy and affordable.


Let's cook together!
Let’s cook together!

The course is not just about Paleo, but lifestyle too.

Mindfulness exercises, Human Design readings and learning to live chemically free.

I also have ozone water treatments to help clean out the heavy metals you might have in your system.

I love sharing this stuff.

Basically we have fun making life beautiful for you.

You can add to the base packages with Yoga, massages, colonic irrigation, ozone foot spa, Ayurvedic treatments and more.

Tell me what you want and I will organise it for you.

P:S If you don’t have time/money for a holiday, try our online coaching programme via Skype, here.