Paleo Menu

Below is an example of the menu that will be available at the restaurant, all freshly prepared in caveman style. The Paleo food provided will not include of course, grains, sugar, dairy ( except grass-fed butter for cooking), legumes or potatoes. Grass fed meats will be provided where possible. The majority of fruits and vegetables will be organic.

Paleo Breakfast includes:
* Coffee, tea or fresh herbal tea
* Green Smoothie of the day
* Pumpkin Paleo granola, with cream of coconut and fruit.
* Main dish for your selection
1. Omelet with mushroom and bell pepper served with avocado and coriander salad
2. Egg of your choice with sauerkraut and smoked salmon
3. Poached egg with sautéed mushroom and spinach
4. Zucchini cake with roasted sweet potato salad
5. Roasted eggplant stack with herb chicken patty

Paleo Lunch

*Lunch always come with a glass of seasonal fresh fruit frappe
*For take-away, it will include a bottle of water and fresh fruit juice
Guests can choose from the following:
# Lemon Basil chicken served with stir fried vegetable of the day
#Tuna and apple salad with walnut
# Grilled Jumbo prawns with palm heart salad, ginger dressing
# Pepper pork steak with roasted pumpkin in red curry sauce
# Yellow curry fish and sweet potato puree, served with cucumber relish
#Grilled beef or pork with sautéed green beans and cabbage.

Paleo Dinner

*Dinner serves 2 courses and a pot of herbal tea after the meal
First course
#Spicy mushroom salad
#Lemon grass salad with shrimp
#Roasted eggplant
#Tom yum / Tom kha with fish
# Money bag ( Egg sheet stuffed with pork mince)

# Spaghetti of vegetable with roasted lamb shoulder
# Mince pork wrap in cabbage
# Grilled chicken breast with basil sauce and roasted pumpkin wedge.
# Grilled fish fillet with green curry sauce and roasted eggplant
#Beef stew with Broccoli fried in garlic
#Baked Tilapia coated with coconut flake served with Asian green salad