Food, Philosophy and FUN!

I am writing a book – it is here to remind me, of what fun is.

Do you remember what makes you happy?

What makes you smile before you go to sleep at night?

I discovered my love of writing and what makes me happy. My family, loving husband, son, and daughter.My writing and my beloved friends.

I realised that retreating is the way that I heal. Going inside myself and remembering who I am. Taking back your own power.

And when I retreat, I love to write. It has been the pattern of my entire life. Talk about epiphanies.

Retreat used to mean that I was running from something, or that I was injured like an animal, wanting to go and hide under a rock for a while. Sometimes I could have died, I didn’t care.

This is what depression feels like. I think?

Now I feel quite free and happy to retreat because I love it. Being alone makes me feel good – it regenerates me.

Sometimes on life’s long road, we forget what makes us happy.

And we should never give up. One day you will wake up and feel happy again. Life has seasons of rain and cold, dry and rough, or even perfectly beautiful, warm, golden, bright and breezy.

Ok enough of this deepness, let’s talk about food.

You just need to boil the sweet potato in boiling water for 3 minutes. Remove and fry in Ghee. Macadamia oil if you have some or Olive is Ok too, but best not to cook it too high or it will turn into nasty fat, if it bubbles. Bubble, Bubble, Fats in Trouble….add salt pepper and rosemary.

Easy Paleo.

Here is the front page of my new book. I think I want to really call it food philosophy, as a set of books. I am already working on the sequel!
Here is the front page of my new book.

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