Honesty in Love

Yesterday, I sat with a lovely single friend of mine. She has such a unique character. It is hard not to love her. A Yogi, a searcher, an inspiring natural phenomenon. She is always straight with you. I love that. She asked me for help. ‘ I want to find a German man,’ She said. […] Read More

HD and Motherhood

Human design; helping me to be a better mum. I think the last 40 years of impatience and too much persistence has almost destroyed me. Two stupid things for a Projector to do; be impatient or persistent… This is why learning about HD has been so important to me. It shows you where you are […] Read More

Crossing Bridges – not just a name

Bridges provide wonderful proverbs such as : ‘I will cross that bridge when I come to it.’ or ‘It’s like water under the bridge.’ or my personal favourite, ‘Build a bridge and get over it!’ And, how could I forget that song; ‘Like a bridge over troubled waters.’ I have had this business name for […] Read More