Honesty in Love

Yesterday, I sat with a lovely single friend of mine. She has such a unique character.
It is hard not to love her. A Yogi, a searcher, an inspiring natural phenomenon.
She is always straight with you. I love that.

She asked me for help. ‘ I want to find a German man,’ She said.
Really? :Me
Her: Yes, I have decided I want to live in Germany with a German man and be a housewife. I want him to have status, like dogs, because we are going to have a dog together. he shouldn’t be hippy cos I am hippy.
What else?:ME
Her: I want him to be quiet but intelligent and he should do some kind of philanthropic work for the community.
Me: You really know what you want! What else?
Her:He should be at least 70% happy with his work and admire his parents. People who don’t like their parents can have too many issues..
Me:Could be, yes. What else?
Her:He must be open to the idea of having separate rooms and he should like Asian Food and he has to be ready for commitment, I want to be a housewife.
Me: Why German?
Her: Because I read that they don’t gas many dogs compared to the 100s or even thousands in Japan or Thailand. I want to have a kind man and happy dog.
Me: I don’t know if I know anyone, what can I do to help?
Her: I want you to put me in a German online dating page and find me someone.
Me: Sounds fun.
Her: But if there is somebody who shows interest, I want you to just show me the picture without giving me your opinion.
Me: OK. What about kids and age?
Her: I don’t mind.

I told her a bit about HD during our talk and went home to discover she is a Manifestor. I hope she can manifest her perfect man. I am happy to be along for the journey. If there is a guy out there who fits the description, let me know. xx