Crossing Bridges

I have come to the revelation that my real passion is writing, how talented I think I am, or if others will enjoy it, is entirely irrelevant at this moment, I just want to write.

I am tired of the business ideas that go charging through my head each day with ideas and marketing strategies. It tires me. They are, I have decide not even mine. Just a projection of what others expect of me.

My journey is guiding and writing.

After many years of learning about life coaching from the East and West and the many interesting tools available; I have been my first client.
I have had to turn myself inside out and back to front, see myself from all different angles and in the mirrors of my friend’s faces.

I am, you are.

Some bridges are bigger!
Some bridges are bigger!

Crossing Bridges was made by me 15 years ago to remind me of the many bridges crossed.
The long short and the wobbly. (And the people we had to toss over and the ones we held hands together with along the way.)

As a wife and mother of two, to imagine myself on many bridges is exhausting. My bridge only has room for me and maybe one more from time to time. It is a maximum, two-man-bridge of discovery.
So in my vision, everyone has their own bridge to cross.

Each of us must find our own way at a certain level.

I have spent the last ten years micro managing the crossings of friends and family. I have realised through my own journey that I can only be responsible for myself and leave others to learn freely.

I am now looking straight ahead and nobody can stop me.

Nobody can tear me away from my determination and focus.

I am crossing, it is quiet, peaceful and there is nobody to interrupt me.


Sit in a quiet place, outdoors is always good. Close your eyes and focus on the sounds around you.

The birds.

The water.

The wind.

Imagine yourself walking slowly across a bridge.

A walk of solitude and silence. Focus on the slow journey across the bridge. Enjoy the journey. Try smiling when you do this exercise. When you are finished, focus again on the sounds around you. Then slowly open your eyes.

I often close my eyes at night and imagine my bridge and my walk of solitude and silence: it is essential. What is on the other side is inconsequential. It is about enjoying the moment, going slowly and being with me, enjoying me, knowing me and loving me in that moment.

I find this exercise particularly useful as my design requires a lot of alone time. I am essentially a hermit. Life is busy and solitude is a precious gem, so when I can create it in my mind from time to time, it can help me to focus and stay my true self.

Bridges are made of many shapes.
Bridges are made of many shapes.