Warm regards and wishing you a lovely day, Antoinette (Trying my best not to be a helicopter mum)

This is how I end all of my emails to school teachers.

Today I finished writing back to my son’s Math teacher, asking him for more compassion and understanding for the students.

Noah has only been at the school for two weeks and I am already on it!

My kids tell me a problem with class, I am on it.

Kids keep you strong!
Kids keep you strong!

There are very few rules and regulations monitoring international schools, and so I choose to keep a close eye on what is going on. Call me a helicopter mum, I don’t care.
If my kid says that the math teacher is letting the fastest kid set the pace then I will set out to investigate and communicate, until I get to the bottom of it.
If my kids are getting bullied or treated unfairly in anyway, I put my cape on and rush to the rescue; usually much to the horror of my husband..

Some stuff you just cannot fix, like finding your daughter a best friend.

Breaks my heart when my daughter says that everyone has a best friend but her.
Even though she will play with anyone and everyone, climbing, jumping, singing, dancing, being goofy..she is so beautiful.

I even offered to be her best friend, but she said I couldn’t…because I am her mum.

Finding connections are hard for everyone, and sometimes adults and children alike, don’t value the friends they have already – enough.
Some of us maybe chasing or attracted to certain attributes in others, that are not healthy.Some are addicted to constantly meeting new people, because making long and meaningful friendships, may require too much work. I am just speculating.Forgiveness in friendships can be the most beautiful experience.
Friendships, like marriages and like being a parent, are sometimes tough and most of the time I have no idea, if I am doing the right thing.I generally just follow my instincts and try not to be hard on myself when I mess up. After all, like I tell my kids, you are your own best friend. If you can be the best friend to yourself then only cool people will follow.