HD and Motherhood

Human design; helping me to be a better mum.

I think the last 40 years of impatience and too much persistence has almost destroyed me.
Two stupid things for a Projector to do; be impatient or persistent…

This is why learning about HD has been so important to me.

It shows you where you are going wrong.
When you get that feeling, you are banging your head up against a wall and don’t know why – just take a look at your chart and you may receive some guidance.

Accepting this revelation as truth is a life experiment.A new bridge to cross.Exciting!

Knowing your chart helps you to have healthy relationships with others by knowing their charts too.
A HD family is a happy one.
This is the same for friendships. It helps us to understand rather than judge and is a useful life tool.

My daughter; Projector to Projector. We are very similar. I feel it is my duty to teach her about how to succeed in life, with an Undefined Throat Centre.

My friend Seun, that introduced me to HD originally, said about my daughter, ‘ no-one will ever listen to her.’

Fuck! I thought, that sounds horrible…hmm so I read a little bit more about it and discovered that there is hope.She just needs to learn the integral strategy for Projectors: Wait for the invitation

So as I slowly start to practice the waiting, I have my little apprentice with me.And we will wait together in the mountains waiting.

Ylvie:‘Mum, can I go to Frieda’s house? ‘
Me: Not yet sweety, why don’t you wait for Frieda to come over?
( Ylvie throws a tantrum )
Ylvie: I want to go now!!!!!! I Don’t want to wait!

Sound familiar?

I also make it a point to listen to her when she speaks now.

How depressing for you if you feel like people aren’t listening to you? DO you feel like this? Then you probably have an
Undefined Throat Centre

Apparently there are some great singers with the same Undefined Throat Centre, so I have organised some singing lessons for Ylvie in May.

And what about me and Noah?

We, together complete the 27/50 Channel, here is some more info about it:

Channel 27/50 – The Channel of Preservation

My son, Noah and I, meet in the middle of the water in 27 (Noah) and 50 (me).

This means that we are a great mum son team, he helps me through his design to feel responsible for him, making it easier for me to act as a mum. In retrospect, this is so true because when he was born, I was all alone with no idea what babies are about.
Despite that I didn’t feel a little bit nervous I just picked that sweet little pickle up and loved him as much as I can, breastfeeding, nappies, waking up in the night. I was a total natural.

So in short, it seems I have a daughter, who is my own personal mentaur and then I have a son that keeps me on the straight and narrow.
But most of all knowing my kid’s charts makes me feel more confident as a mother. I can see what they really need.

Anything that helps with parenthood is welcome.