Crossing Bridges – not just a name

Bridges provide wonderful proverbs such as :

‘I will cross that bridge when I come to it.’
‘It’s like water under the bridge.’
or my personal favourite,
‘Build a bridge and get over it!’
And, how could I forget that song;
‘Like a bridge over troubled waters.’

I have had this business name for about 15 years. Between four different countires of residence, two children, two marriages and several lifestyle and diet changes, I always had an excuse not to start anything – all excuses? Yes. So I am crossing over the bridge of procrastination and getting my butt into gear. With life settled and the kids now somewhat older and more independent it is time now for me to do something for myself. For the past three years my husband and I have devoted our life to a Paleo lifestlye, we believe in this for many reasons, but still fall off the wagon from time to time.Social gatherings tend to be a time when we turn a blind eye and often when we eat out. We currently live in Chiang Mai and love it very much. The city is big enough to offer all the things we need, but still small enough to have that country town feel and a creative edge.The old city is surrounded by an old wall and a moat that creates an almost European feel. Chiang Mai is also surrounded by mountains rivers hot springs hilltribe villages and all that the culturally hungry may desire.