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maybe you are a Mum, maybe you are not, but maybe you will understand either way.

I think that it is probably an overall self discipline and motivational issue I am having.

We are moving house, my daughter is 4, my husband is the main bread winner so I am left with the small breadcrumbs of time to complete my goals, tasks, deadlines, dreams,whatever. So many excuses/reasons?

Am I just blaming? Not owning my cheat eats, or my lack of blog entries in months, or not going to the gym?

How I beat myself up over that spoonful of sugar I added to that very strong black coffee yesterday.

How I think so much about all of the entries I could have written and didn’t…. It must be that Mercury is in Retrograde.

If there was a profession that entailed creating excuses for things not getting done, that would be the perfect job for me. Would that make me a politician?

My new practice after  recently doing a self coaching course, was to just SMILE.

Sometimes I feel like our inner dialogue sabotages our happiness.

Talks us in and out of things.

Worries too much about what others think, the judgements, both from me and the rest of the world, my appearance, my kid’s behaviour, my aptitude as a wife or mother.

My new practice is to just breathe and smile each time my inner dialogue is ruining my day.

These thoughts are never productive or helpful, so I say, blast them away with an ear to ear smile and…….breathe.

Try it, it might help you too.

What does all of this have to do with Paleo?

Well eating well, helps us to combat mental illness, stress, feelings of guilt and promotes overall happiness and squishes self loathing.

In my experience and those of my cave-friends, we all feel so much better with ourselves, even when the scales aren’t talking the right lingo.

This powerful smile, abolishing all negative inner dialogue, also assists and promotes self love – now we all can’t get too much of that – right?

Let’s take care of ourselves. Eat well exercise and be kind.

Exercise and eating Paleo stablises our energy levels and can make family life happier. Less wild storms and more smooth sailing.

I have personally noticed that if I don’t stick to the Paleo plan, I get that nasty energy low right at that time when the kids return from school.

They are tired, I am tired, we all get cranky and it is not fun at all, no matter what country you live in.

I am pretty certain that the early evening crazy hour, is an international phenomenon. How do you combat this?

Sometimes I just go easy on myself, smile and then not cook dinner :).

Yesterday I didn’t even cook. I just threw a bunch of raw veggies and left overs, nuts and apples spread with almond butter and Bob was my uncle! (well actually he really was, RIP uncle Bob )

I  even found some Nori in the drawer and rolled some Kimchi up in it. And then a couple of boiled eggs for good measure.

I always try to make sure my fridge and pantry has some easy foods to literally throw on the table. Makes life easy and I think the kids enjoy it much more.

They can help and I am more available. What do you do to keep it easy and sane?

With the busy season coming up, I have had many enquiries about the Paleo holidays for Xmas and the New Year, which is really exciting for us, because hosting guests is so much fun – meeting like minded Paleoers is another great motivator.

So check out the Paleo Packages people and just keep smiling.

( BTW -We will be offering a cheaper homestay Paleo option in mid December, if I can get motivated and stop making excuse that is… so stay tuned)

PS, you can motivate me by sending me enquiries. …2014-10-24 11.37.41