Flashing my Freezer Door

    Came home today in super-productive mode. On a bit of a high after increasing my Deadlift 1RM by 20 pounds, this morning. (Does deadlift deserve a capital?) I am not sure if that means anything to you, but I was pretty happy with myself, considering weightlifting has been a very challenging new hobby over […] Read More

Paleo Gnocchi

I love living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Where else can you buy already steamed sweet potato, have your green grocer  julienne your vegetables and cut up your fruit, free of charge. Laziness was really my motivation to organising our great Paleo holidays and the up coming ‘ Thirty Days of Paleo in Paradise 2014. ‘ […] Read More

Breakfast Saviours

Most people when they start on Paleo have trouble with breakfast. Most of us grew up on a toast and cereal start to the day and now the rug has been pulled out from under us. I was never a fan of eggs and have slowly over the years succumbed to poached, boiled and fried […] Read More