Paleo coaching

The Last Day of Thirty

It is a great feeling to finish something. To have stayed loyal to a personal goal for your own health and well-being. I have to say, I didn’t reach my goal weight or measurements, I seemed to have cruised along on 60kg after the first two weeks. My downfall was probably this:…. Our garden is […]

Day 17 – Detoxing and Retracing

The 30 Day Paleo Challenge is something I do every year. Each time is easier, with less evidence of detoxing and less weight-loss. We also love to do a 7 day vegetable juice fast, 1-2 times a years, this gives me a total energy buzz and I don’t have much washing up… Do you remember […]

Day 13- Weight Loss vs Overall Health

Paleo allows us to have our grain-free cake and eat it too. A good diet should not be measured by weight loss alone, but how one feels overall. Paleo has been responsible for curing diseases and alleviating chronic pain, such as back pain and migraines.It can improve mental health, cure diabetes and give pain relief […]

Day 8, The Weigh-In

Day eight and one week is over Jackie strolls into Kid’s Yoga this morning, wearing a miniskirt and a smile on her face. She lost 5 pounds, this week and her waist is 3.5cm less! I think she deserves a treat – a very small apple pie. Just baked some….I haven’t weighed myself yet, maybe […]

Day Three

Well, here are our before photos…for more profile info – see Day One I have to inform you that I have never counted calories and I don’t own a set of scales (I had to go and throw a one baht coin in the scales, at the local market to find out how much I […]