The Last Day of Thirty

It is a great feeling to finish something. To have stayed loyal to a personal goal for your own health and well-being. I have to say, I didn’t reach my goal weight or measurements, I seemed to have cruised along on 60kg after the first two weeks. My downfall was probably this:….


Our garden is bordered by rows of banana circles that gave birth to copious amounts of bananas last week. What else could I do, but dehydrate them? They are like healthy candy, almost naughty tasting. I ate loads of them this week, obviously satisfied with my 60kg.
They kept me on board during the many celebrations and outings of late. Note to self: Don’t do the 30 Day Challenge in November…

What I love about the challenge and the reason why I continue to do it each year, is the feeling I have right now. I feel fantastic and I have absolutely no urge to consume non-Paleo foods. What I am looking forward to a little bit, is some tequila or a glass of wine next time there is a party.

Reading about Paleo on the IPMG Facebook page and the Paleo magazine, it really does seem, that Paleo and socialising is a confronting combination. A lot of my friends didn’t even realise how passionate I am about Paleo until I started writing this blog a few months ago, even though it has been a three year project so far.

Bookings for Crossing Bridges Paleo holiday packages are starting to roll in too. Click here if you are interested:

Travellers can also create their own packages according to their own needs.
The number of necessary meals ( Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner )
Preferred sport (CrossFit, yoga, Muay Thai and Pilates) and
Excursions around the area (elephant riding, rafting, climbing, trekking, shopping etc)
can all be arranged and added, to make your own, personal Paleo package.
Just drop me a mail and I can give you a free consultation. Children are most welcome as the resort is kid-friendly. Children’s yoga is available too, to keep them busy and calm.

The inspiration to create a Paleo holiday came from my hours of cooking real food, from scratch, with time restrictions and numerous distractions, creating a very busy life.
I am guessing that most other cavemen and women feel the same at times, especially those with large families or stressful jobs. It would be my honour to play host to the Paleo community. I am looking forward to meeting more of my virtual tribesmen, in person, soon.