Liver in my pockets

I hated liver as a kid, I used to put all kinds of offal in my pockets to avoid the wrath of my Father. He was raised during the Depression, so finishing meals was a rule in our family. Nothing should be wasted. All must be eaten. His intention was good, but I was never […] Read More

Flashing my Freezer Door

    Came home today in super-productive mode. On a bit of a high after increasing my Deadlift 1RM by 20 pounds, this morning. (Does deadlift deserve a capital?) I am not sure if that means anything to you, but I was pretty happy with myself, considering weightlifting has been a very challenging new hobby over […] Read More

Paleo Bugs

Would you believe that all of these bugs are Paleo? It was our daughter’s birthday yesterday – which called for a Paleo treat. We ate them with whipped coconut cream. They are definitely naughty and not normally suitable for the Whole 30, but what the heck my baby turned four and my husband already lost […] Read More

Breakfast Saviours

Most people when they start on Paleo have trouble with breakfast. Most of us grew up on a toast and cereal start to the day and now the rug has been pulled out from under us. I was never a fan of eggs and have slowly over the years succumbed to poached, boiled and fried […] Read More