Liver in my pockets

I hated liver as a kid, I used to put all kinds of offal in my pockets to avoid the wrath of my Father.

He was raised during the Depression, so finishing meals was a rule in our family.

Nothing should be wasted.

All must be eaten.

His intention was good, but I was never one for following the rules.

Over the span of my childhood, I squished brains, liver, kidneys and tongue into my pockets while he was engrossed in watching the news on the television.

The smell, the texture and the taste repulsed me.

Recently I took the bull by the horns and started to experiment with liver. I was determined to make liver for the family due to it’s high nutritional value.

If you want to increase the health of your family, try this one out.

All pockets were empty after the meal. 🙂

My liver recipe is not fancy.

It is actually quite simple.

You could add it to cauliflower rice or put the mixture into lettuce leaves.

You can add some other spices of choice or stuff other veggies.

I can even eat a bowl of the mixture alone.

I have been officially converted. I am a Liver Lover!

The Recipe you can find here:

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