Coming out the end of a dark tunnel, I see the light. It is a beautiful day. I have love in my heart and blessings for all of humanity – even those who have disappointed me and hurt me deeply. These are the lessons I feel grateful for. They redirect me to the path I know is mine.
Keeping it very simple, very limited. Making each moment special, but never searching for moments.

Recently I learnt the meaning of ‘letting go of the outcome.’

I always understood this in theory, but had never experienced it first hand.

It is that moment, when we confront something that needs to be addressed, only through a knowing that it is necessary. Not because you want a particular result or outcome.But because you have to, in order to continue the journey.

Sometimes you just need to pop the bubble.

Courage has always rewarded me in the past. It has provided me with clarity and a clear golden path to my higher self – where I want to be.

I honour and embrace all of my journeys I have walked in the darkness, because the light is even more glorious after.

We know no light without darkness.

It kind of makes me think of living in Europe with those lovely seasonal changes.

We were just discussing today how work oriented suddenly our European partners are now, that the summer is over and the cold grey days have set in.

I have to say, sometimes I miss the German winters. The warm cosiness of being inside, the reflection that takes place during the winter months.Warm food and layers of clothing, sledding and snow fights.

I really hope one day that we can beam in and out of places without having to fly. I remember the idea of speaking to someone you could see on a screen as being only science fiction. And look at us now on Skype and Facetime.

If I could be beamed anywhere in the world right now, I would beam over to the German Alps and adore the Autumn leaves around Zugspitze. Where would you beam to?