Nom Nom Paleo comes to Chiang Mai!

Anyone who follows Michelle Tam’s award winning blog, Nom Nom Paleo, would have known that she has been holidaying with her family in Chiang Mai too!

We; Jacky ( who you already know from my blog) and Jennifer,mother of four kids under seven, currently enjoying a Crossing Bridges Paleo holiday, here in Chiang Mai, and myself – set off like rock star groupies, to see the Paleo internet star.


(I almost forgot – baby Annie, Jennifer’s youngest came along for the ride too – sorry Annie, but you were so quiet during the whole thing – amazing!)

Michelle gave an entertaining, two hour seminar with her well behaved kids sitting up front the whole time – so impressive!

She was so humble and informative and we got to have a chat with her afterwards.She was so friendly and REAL! I was unusually quiet in her presence.There were so many things I wanted to say and ask, but didn’t. I kind of regretted it afterwards.
I particularly wanted to ask her about blogging. How she feels about the exposure to her personal life, children etc? How amazing her graphic design and layout is and her vast amount of affiliate marketing and I wanted to know more about the development of her recipe app? Maybe I will get another chance one day…
She was promoting her new cook book, which I got a squizz at and it looks fantastic, bright red and full of Paleo yummies.
The most interesting segment of her talk for me, was about ‘umami’ ( originally from Japan). Don’t be thrown off by the fact it is actually glutamate that puts the G in MSG, it could be your next saviour for keeping it Paleo. Get googling about ‘umami’ Paleo cooks, I think it will definitely improve your meals and keep the kids on board.
Michelle had such a natural way about her, not pretentious in anyway and totally cute. Her logo is such an original and authentic symbol of her style. Childlike innocence and super smart, all rolled into one.
If you haven’t seen her Website you can check it out here –
Some of us went away with fridge magnets, socks and even a free cook book and Jennifer felt really lucky that the seminar was part of her Paleo Holiday destiny.
Jennifer and her family live in Tokyo but are originally from the States. It is so great to meet people from the international Paleo community, to share ideas, recipes and the difficulties we face, as we try our hardest to stay on the Paleo track.
It was truly a memorable day!