Your personal keys to success

What if you found all the secrets to success, only to discover that success was something completely and utterly different to what you thought it was.

Your life shifts and finally you are on the right ball court and you are a super star.
All you need to do, is follow the rules to the right type of game and happiness and success is yours.
A life that you always knew was possible, but you never had the key, or keys.

The understanding that the mind is not in control and everything will run it’s right course if one follows their own true design. Once the conditioning is shed, this becomes easier than one can imagine. NO need to worry, no need to please, impress, follow or chase. Just happiness. Recognition. Success.

It all starts with a temple, a place of retreat where you can shower in your own private aura and indulge in the energy it provides.

The letting go of tags and labels in all aspects of life. Disconnecting from product labels, personal labels and self imposed labels.

Realising that you do not need to

* Answer or worry about all the questions in your head

Some of us take on the thoughts and worries of others, especially those with open heads and ajnas. A conscious effort to filter these thoughts and only address the questions in your head that apply to you.

* Be certain about anything.

Sometimes we must surrender to the idea that we don’t know everything. For some of us this is hard. We bust our brains veins and lose ourselves in the process. We don’t need to be certain about anything.

*Prove anything or try to impress anyone

The key here is to recognise yourself and to have faith. Others will recognise you too. One just needs to wait and then respond accordingly. If we let go of our minds and listen to our inner authority, decision making will come easy.

*Avoid truth or confrontation

I ask myself this question. What bad can eventuate from sharing my truth? Confronting others may make them very uncomfortable, but YOU will feel great.

*Work or stay up as long as others

We all need to listen to our own body clocks. Are you staying up late to suit a partner or friend when your inner clock is shouting ‘ it is time for bed?’ Are you working longer and harder than you should…for what??

*Worry about not being safe or secure

Only worry if it helps. All will be how it will be. If you worry or not.

*Be in a hurry or under pressure

many of us could do some slow movement meditation. Make your tea or coffee in the morning with total awareness, alone and slowly, concentrating on each step. If you feel yourself frantic. Hurrying to finish something. Remind yourself, your inner voice to say ‘ slow down.’ Like the whale voice from Nemo.

These are my personal keys to success. Do you want to know what yours are? From your design I can give you, your own personal set of guidelines to success.

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My design
My design