A change ahead for Crossing Bridges…but Paleo continues..

Sunrise at Pulau Tidung, Indonesia.
Sunrise at Pulau Tidung, Indonesia.

It has been a long time between blog entries. But I have been thinking about different ideas and meeting with many inspirational people who will help me to change Crossing Bridges in the direction it is intended. Although I have focused mainly on my own Paleo holidays, I want the website now to offer more. Eventually I would also like to donate profits to one of the many successful charities in South East Asia as well. But how will the website change, you may ask?

Blessed by my own travel experiences and the people I have met on my own journey, who have given me the courage to think outside of the box, I feel the need to offer this back to everyone through my website. Travel experiences that will change your life in a positive way.

Whether it be through health retreats, one day workshops, alternative medicine or meditation I want easier access and more information. Cos let’s face it – something needs to change.

I want people to be able to access these ‘bridges’ and for those offering it, to have a platform to share it.

We are off to Indonesia next week and although I already have quite a few interested parties here in Chiang Mai,I want the whole idea to spread world wide. Bit ambitious perhaps? Let’s see.

I hope to be writing and surfing in Lombok, the Gili islands and Bali, taking full advantage of hubbie’s time off work and ability to watch the kids..:) That could be over-ambitious thinking too. Let’s see.

So, I am also calling out to you all, far and wide – if you have something to offer, that allows someone to cross a metaphoric bridge, whether it be a retreat a workshop, school, volunteer project or whatever – contact me. Even if it is a granny flat with delicious meals and good conversation in a beautiful place. Someplace where people can ‘be’ and reflect and feel good.

Write to me and I will advertise it for you on the website,for free! It can be offered in any country on this planet.Please include photos, location and details to be added to the web.

And what does it cost? At the moment I am accepting barters, but it can also be free, the charge is up to you.