Paleolithic Peanuts

I am pretending that peanuts are Paleo for the month of April. I am in Indonesia and satay sticks with peanut sauce are too delicious to ignore, I am on holiday and making loads of exceptions…we only live once! Something I love even more than tasty Balinese food, is their eating culture. All of the […] Read More

Day One of a Summer Adventure

On the road again……..   We survived the night train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, arriving at 530am.   The train is pretty cozy and less than half the price of the plane, with freshly made bunk beds with air con and it’s purple– much to the delight of our four year old daughter!   […] Read More

The Art of Switching Off

I am sitting here with writers block wondering why I have a Whoopee Cushion and a Barbie Laptop on my ‘work’ desk. I reckon I share this current frustration with other mothers, not necessarily writers block, but something worse……… school holidays. “Mummy, ”cries my daughter from upstairs and I am now simultaneously debating with my […] Read More

Day 13 – Halloween!

It turns out, that not only do I not eat grains, but I also can’t count. Did I say eating Paleo lifts brain fog? I might have to take that back. Yesterday was Day 12 not 13! Doh! , Coincidentally, our thirteenth day is on Halloween. I have sent our two kids off to a […] Read More