Paleo Thailand

Food means different things to different people. For some of us, we just take what we can get and as fast as we can get. For others it is about taking the time, to make and get to know, the food we eat and for others it is a constant struggle to even find nourishment.
I have had the pleasure of living in a few different countries for longer periods of time, like Japan for instance, where I went for one year and gained 13 kilos! Needless to say Japanese food is delicious. I have also experienced food in India, Germany, Ireland( where I had my first job as a chef ), Thailand and of course Australia. Of all the places most difficult to stick to the Paleo diet is Germany, with it’s delicious breads and butter and cheeses and sausages. The easiest so far was Australia. Mainly because of their awareness of food and cuisine, the immense diversity of cultures and therefore food and the prominence of grass fed animals.
Thailand, however, takes Paleo to a whole new level. Maggots, frogs, rats, grasshoppers, ant eggs and pig skin snacks can test how much of a caveman you really are!


Pig skin hanging out to dry before being deep fried in palm oil and sold at the market – A Northern Thai delicacy.


A delicious selection of insects – Bon Appetit!