Thoughts can be misleading and disturbing and confusing, so today I want to promote mindfulness and self love, through physical activity. I would like to share with you today a practice I do with my retreat clients, called BODY FOCUS.It is a body awareness and mindfulness activity that focusses on your posture. Here are seven […] Read More

Liver in my pockets

I hated liver as a kid, I used to put all kinds of offal in my pockets to avoid the wrath of my Father. He was raised during the Depression, so finishing meals was a rule in our family. Nothing should be wasted. All must be eaten. His intention was good, but I was never […] Read More

Diet Branding – Goodbye Paleo :(

Always a nutritional enthusiast since Primary school influenced by two health conscious parents, I was made to eat the weirdest things. Bone broth,chicken feet, vegetable water, kidneys, liver, brains, garlic, garlic and more garlic.. Our milk was fresh from the cow, our meat from the paddock and there were rarely any packaged food in our […] Read More

Ashamed to be an Aussie

I am embarrassed to be Australian. Politically it is an absolute shambles! I went home in 2010 after a 5 year period. I was shocked.We only stayed 6 months. I grew up on the mid north coast where every hill was covered in banana plantations and the pub was filled with banana growers still in […] Read More

Crossing Bridges

I have come to the revelation that my real passion is writing, how talented I think I am, or if others will enjoy it, is entirely irrelevant at this moment, I just want to write. I am tired of the business ideas that go charging through my head each day with ideas and marketing strategies. […] Read More