Day 7 – Lose the grains!

I know it is hard to believe that staying away from grains, is a necessity . After all, we all know the classic Food Pyramid with the largest bottom segment, filled with grains, bread and pasta. How could this possibly be wrong? Well it is. Smoking was seemingly harmless for quite a while there – […] Read More

Day Six – Leftovers

I have the luxury of having loads of leftovers in the fridge. This is usually a sign that the hubby is not around. He is away on a business trip and I stayed at home all day, eating leftovers, watching Californication reruns. Great day really, especially the day-old steak and mushroom curry, so delicious. Here […] Read More

Day Four

I am struggling with this cold, that I can’t shake. How this nose, can so steadily produce so much snot, is beyond me. I had to buy my third box of tissues this week! I always crave sweet food when I am unwell, making the Challenge a bit tricky today. But I made it through. […] Read More

Day Three

Well, here are our before photos…for more profile info – see Day One I have to inform you that I have never counted calories and I don’t own a set of scales (I had to go and throw a one baht coin in the scales, at the local market to find out how much I […] Read More