Day Six – Leftovers

I have the luxury of having loads of leftovers in the fridge. This is usually a sign that the hubby is not around. He is away on a business trip and I stayed at home all day, eating leftovers, watching Californication reruns. Great day really, especially the day-old steak and mushroom curry, so delicious. Here is what it looked like yesterday at lunch.

mushroom curry and steak

Delicious, if I may say so myself. Today, the same thing was thrown into a bowl of Rucola and salad and eaten in front of the big screen.

Cooking extra and making big batches of food and freezing it, is a great way to stay on track.I don’t have very strong will power , so I really need to stalk myself and use preventative measures.
It really helps me, especially in the morning, when I sometimes don’t have time to cook, because I am getting the kids ready for school and trying to get to CrossFit. After CrossFit, I am starving and it is really tempting to go grab some ready-made food, snack, fruit etc

Speaking of snacks, check out these nice treats I did for movie afternoon, a couple of weekends ago. Rolled dried mango with Granny Smiths and almonds – looks kind of pretty right?


That’s it for my post today. I have to go to bed early. Going back to CrossFit tomorrow and I haven’t been for more than a week, due to this flu of mine. It is still lingering – perhaps I can sweat it out! Cheers