Day 7 – Lose the grains!

I know it is hard to believe that staying away from grains, is a necessity
After all, we all know the classic Food Pyramid with the largest bottom segment, filled with grains, bread and pasta. How could this possibly be wrong? Well it is.

Smoking was seemingly harmless for quite a while there – we have been wrong before..and how does the tobacco industry still continue to grow and exist in today’s markets? Money, good connections and extremely effective advertising, is the answer.

Just 45 years ago, a doctor told my pregnant aunt that it was OK for her to continue smoking, so long as she switched to Menthol!
My cousin will never let her live it down.

Can I compare eating grains to smoking – well, yes I can.

Robb Wolf, the author of Paleo Solutions and a biochemist, writes:

‘ Eating gluten is on par with a pack-a-day smoking habit. ‘

Just saying…..

I am about to try and impress you with some scientific facts that prove grains and gluten are NOT GOOD.
And you could quite well fall asleep or click back to Facebook before you finish, because it is kind of boring for most people, but let me just say, that the only way to prove it yourself, is by quitting grains for more than 30 Days and feel the difference.

I would also like to inform you that the grains containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley and millet), have the same receptors within their proteins as heroine and morphine and are highly addictive. Think about it..breads, cakes pastries and pastas are all comfort foods. Hello my name is …..and I am a Grainoholic!

Going grain free doesn't mean you have to give up yummy treats like my Paleo Apple Pies.
Going grain free doesn’t mean you have to give up yummy treats like my Paleo Apple Pies.

Why the food pyramid is wrong


All grains contain proteins called lectins.
When you eat grains, the lectins don’t break down – they fight to stay intact, performing a natural survival instinct, they hang around and damage your intestinal lining. (Yes, they are there right now)
They destroy the gut lining, increase insulin causing Diabetes (if you are a diabetic, quit the grains!) and the body recognises them as a bacteria, virus or parasite and the immune system overdoes itself to fight them. All of these reactions can lead to autoimmune diseases, eg Celiac, Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjörgen, MS and more. The lectins start their destruction in the gut, but they can affect every organ system. Had gall bladder problems? Lose the grains.


Grains also mess with several hormones in your body that control, hunger/appetite and therefore weight. Like leptin for example. Want to lose weight? Lose the grains. (I want to dedicate a whole post to these hormones, just because it is really great to know)

Protease inhibitors

These little nasties, found in grains, stop other proteins, that you eat with your meal, from digesting too, coercing them to join the ‘ destroy the microvilli (gut wall) party. ‘ This increases the amount of intact proteins in the intestines, even more, causing havoc and making you sick, this can also continue to affect other organ systems, similar to lectins…Scary right?


These nasty little monsters love and suck up calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron, leaving your body deficient. Are you really tired all the time or have heart problems? Lose the grains!

There are numerous reasons why we should stop eating grains. If you are interested in destroying all the nasty grain created proteins in the gut, it will only happen after 30-60 days after completely quitting grains. That means 100% – no sneaky treats, or it doesn’t work.

There is a lot of info on the web to add, but like I said, the only way to really believe it, is to quit grains altogether and see how you feel. Crossing Bridges is hosting a Paleo 30 Day Challenge retreat next year in Chiang Mai. Come along!

I have to go now and check on my goulash – delicious and grain-free!!