Day Five: What is Paleo? & Cavemen save the World!

I guess a question some of you might have is, ‘What the hell is Paleo?
In brief, a Paleo lifestyle means deleting the consumption of
2.dairy products
6.and bad oils
Before you say anything – it is not the Atkins Diet!!
I will, over the next few weeks explain, one by one, why it’s better to leave each one of the above,a million light years out of your diet.
Although the physical benefits are obvious, once starting on the Paleo Way, today I want to talk more about the benefits it has to the environment.
Eating Paleo, is also a conscious decision to eliminate excess packaging and plastic from my lifestyle, to end my support of corrupt greedy corporations and increase my solidarity toward farming practises, whereby, the land and animals are treated with more respect.

It really is liberating to walk into a big supermarket, full of shitty unhealthy products (honestly,some of that food should be illegal), go straight to the fruit, veggies and nuts, then onto the meat and eggs, stroll down the toiletries aisle, pay and go, almost avoiding all packaging, plastic and countless nasties, disguised as food. I skip more than ten whole aisles – it is incredible.
Skipping on my way out, knowing I am not a victim to mass marketing.

Feeling like I am having a lower impact on the environment makes me smile.
For more info about some skanky processed and overly packaged food- check this documentary out:

Grass-fed beef also alleviates some of the world’s environmental problems. Ethically I guess you can simply ask yourself this question, if you were a cow, which herd would you like to belong to
This one:

Thanking for this photo
Thanking for this photo


This one:

By Phelle
By Phelle

Grain fed beef, is directly or indirectly, causing vast areas of land clearing and soil erosion. Not to mention the 100 000 litres of water necessary to produce one kilogram of grain fed beef.
More about this can be seen in this documentary…….

Supporting organic farmers is also a worthwhile cause.
They are at the forefront of saving the world (I am serious). They are courageous warriors, who work ten times harder than most of us. They surrender themselves to mother nature and take on huge financial risks, each and every year. Hailstorms cyclones or drought can send farmers straight to the welfare office.
How many of us really know what it is like to produce food? What if everyone went and helped on a farm, for a day or a week, each year , to remember, where our food comes from.
As a kid I lived and worked on a farm. On weekends, while my friends were swimming at the beach, I was often carrying around old canvas bags collecting cow paddies (that is poo, if anyone is unaware), to fertilise our crops. My dad use to send me to dig out crap from other people’s chicken coops too!
At the time, I was a bitchy teenager who resented these chores, but a few years back, as I walked the rolling hills of my youth (without the canvas bag) I felt a fuzzy shower of gratitude spread over me. Years of resentment, and the feeling, that I had been totally ripped off, suddenly resolved. Thank you Mum and Dad for my rural working childhood.
I love Paleo because it does reduce your impact on the environment. I really feel it is equally important to continually try to purchase from local farmers, rather than big franchised supermarket chains. Power to the people, I say! The hours of hard labour, love and patience necessary to make real whole-foods should be acknowledged and respected by all consumers. The more we support good farming practice through our consumer habits, the more smiles we may have. A shift in agricultural and consumer practices is possible if we stay aware and healthy. My hat goes off to all the farmers. YEE HAA!