My Husband the Guinea Pig

Both my husband and I are self confessed foodies, but Lutz is definitely the braver one. He gladly tries local delicacies before me to check if the coast is clear. Is that not love? It’s a bit like a partner who will check your shoes for spiders..a typical expression of love back home is Australia.


The packaging is pretty self explanatory...isn't it.
The packaging is pretty self explanatory…isn’t it.

While shopping at the market for some weird, possible Paleo snacks, I came across some kind of Indo style jerky, beef and chicken.

Lutz, despite almost fainting from the smell after opening the packet, gave it a whirl and then another and another. I would like to say that repeated dives into the plastic bag should have been the go ahead signal, but that smell was just a bit too much. I prefer eating maggots in Thailand to that stuff.

The chicken jerky came together with sweet chili sauce and looked more like fried and dried chicken feet….I have nothing against chicken feet, I love them in my soups and broths.

Brave husband trying the Bali beef jerky...
Brave husband trying the Bali beef jerky…


I did however find here several brands of organic palm sugar, delicious dried bananas (without sugar) and coffee from all over Indonesia. I have to say, I love the Sumatran brands.

Another bonus here in Bali, is that they have CrossFit! After a month’s break, I dragged myself up there this morning. I had intended to go more often, but a mountain bike accident in the first week held me back.

I love having excuses.

I made the seven am session even though I was without my Crossfit bully and partner in crime, Jacky to egg me on.

I did beg my husband to substitute for her as I lay in bed thinking of reasons not to go, dreading how it might be after a month of slothing it.

He asked,  ‘What would Jacky say?’

I told him her most encouraging quotes, then he said in his best American accent ‘ Chase those endorphines girl!’

Not being the sportiest spice on the block, the workout was, quite frankly catastrophic: 8 sets of 2 strict press, 3 push press and 4 press jerks ( I think that is what it is called, like a push press with a cute little spring in it), yes all of that eight times!

The WOD was 7 rounds of: 3 wall stands, 6 toes to bar and 12 air squats.

I am not used to being told what to do by an antipodean accent. And being in an unknown gym with a group of buff young CrossFitters was pretty intimidating but that is what life is about isn’t it. Stepping out of the comfort zone definitely has it’s benefits.

comfort zoneJust like my lovely Lutz who tries that smelly jerky or my kids who have been taking on the waves of Tugu beach, or anyone who starts to cook without flour and has to use new ingredients and changes their lifestyles into a healthier one.

This too me, is what life is all about. And even after 10 months of CrossFit, I still think anything is possible if you can step out of your comfort zone. It can get quite addictive after a while. I do also believe without sounding too knowitallish, courage seems to always be rewarded somehow, somewhere. That has been my experience. Have a great day everyone!