Paleo in Honkers

I just got back from Hong Kong. Five days and four nights.
I managed to visit the friendly CrossFit Typhoon twice and taste some of the Paleo cuisine available. Burger Union was my favourite by far. You can choose the ‘burger in the bowl ‘ option and then tick the boxes to choose your meat, toppings and sauces. There was grass fed and organic meat options and fresh aioli sauce, so I ate there everyday! It is a great idea, I felt so inspired that I made my own burger in a bowl for lunch when I got home.


There were also some great Japanese Robatayaki restaurants, serving beef tongue, one of my favourite Japanese Izakaya dishes that I am yet to find here, in Chiang Mai. Tongue – Sounds terrible you say? They slice it,ever so thinly, put it on some bamboo skewers and grill it. Accompanied by a squeeze of fresh lemon, I promise you will not be disappointed. A shake of Japanese chili flakes ( agaradashi) works wonders too. You can try it at home, but the trick is, too slice it really really thinly.
A hop skip and a jump away from the CrossFit Typhoon was a little restaurant where you can order a Pat’s Paleo Special, owned by a charming French lady. The name has slipped my mind. Ask the crew at CF Typhoon and they can point you in the right direction.
HKK was surprisingly an impressive city, with its maze of covered walkways and bustling streets. I love contrast and HKK did not disappoint, despite its abundance of fancy shops like Cartier and Prada, you can still buy frogs and eels at the local market and barter for cheap stuff on the other side in Mong Kok. Chinese medicine and herbs were interesting to check out in the street stalls and taxi’s were cheap.
If anyone is interested in our Paleo holiday at crossing bridges, here in Chiang Mai, I think that HKK is definitely a city that is nice to visit on the way here, or on your way back home. There are also direct flights from Chiang Mai to Hong Kong with Dragon Air.