Day One of Thirty

I have been quite slack of late. The children have had school holidays. They will both be back on their learning paths on Monday and I will have more time to dedicate to writing and documenting some interesting Paleo experiences.

I have started my third Annual Thirty Day Paleo Challenge today, but not alone!

My CrossFit buddy , Jackie has taken the plunge and is joining me. Normally she is my bully/motivator when it comes to going to CrossFit, she is a real sporty spice, having run five half marathons, not to mention some impressive five kilometre swims.
I have been sharing my experiences, recipes and results from Paleo for the last half year with her, enough to get her interested it seems. 🙂
She has even allowed me to post a ‘before shot.’ Stay tuned. I am ducking over this afternoon to take it.
We both hope to see some improvement. I will be baring my muffin top alongside her…scary!
I will be joining her, not just because, I love the 30 Day Challenge, but because I have been off the Paleo Wagon the last month or so, travelling through Thailand, eating petrol station food and staying with friends who have different eating habits. It has only been one month on the road ,eating ‘ bad ‘ food and I already have developed a jelly belly as well as a hideous cold that I just can’t shake – I haven’t been sick for a long time, so I really put it down to, not eating well.
So for the next week, I am going to share with everyone our experience plus give you all the tips I have been giving to Jackie about how to make the change to Paleo. Join us, if you dare?! It has been a sudden decision. Just yesterday, I realised if we started any later I wouldn’t be drinking tequila on my birthday next month – and that is a definite, NO GO! It will be my last birthday in my thirties – my 39th.
Don’t forget to check out Crossing Bridges’ Paleo Holidays, that can help all of us Cavemen and women to stay on track and be healthy. Packages can be tailor-made to suit your length of stay or meal requirements. My husband and I are going to do a four day Paleo holiday next month for our wedding anniversary. I can’t wait.

Here are some facts about Jackie:

Age : 45
Height: 174cm
Weight : 174.8 pounds
Waist : 90cm
Goal weight after 30 Days Paleo: 160 pounds
Goal waist after 30 Day Paleo: 78cm

Health problems

Jackie has started suffering from exercise-induced-asthma during her workouts. When I asked her how often, she replied ‘ every other time. She feels a tightening in the chest comparable with hyperventilation. She hopes Paleo will help her with this. She also has significant energy lows at around seven in the evening, sometimes almost falling asleep when she puts her kids to bed. Jackie is a mother of two lovely kids, aged 4 and 7. One of her knees is also inflamed and effects her workouts.

What will she miss the most

Jackie loves her sweets and predicts that she will miss sugar and milk in her coffee, as well as ice cream and other sweet treats the most.

Me – Antoinette

Age: 38
Height: 165cm
Weight: 63kg
Goal weight after Paleo: 58kg ( Very ambitious )
Goal waist: 75cm ( I would really like to shake that stubborn belly fat )

Health Problems

Well I don’t have many medical complaints, except for this persistent cold I cannot shake and some sore knee joints when I workout. Hopefully they will disappear.

What will I miss the most?

I already know through experience what I will miss. They have remained my weakest links for three years – a nice hot cappuccino and and a slice of carrot cake ( and yes I have made Paleo carrot cakes before, but it just isn’t the same ).I won’t be making any Paleo treats like cakes and cookies for the Challenge so this could get hard too… And my homemade yoghurt will have to take a holiday too.