Does eating Kangaroo improve your box jumps?

Could eating kangaroo meat improve my box jumps?
Probably not, but it is considered to be super food these days.
I remember growing up in rural Australia, when kangaroo meat was either road kill or dog food – times have certainly changed since then.
The swankiest restaurants are serving delicious kangaroo meals and most of the supermarkets and butchers are offering it to everyday Aussies. Why? I guess it’s due to it’s incredible nutritious value:

1. High quality protein
2. It’s lean
3. It’s not a fish but has loads of omega 3 fats
4. CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid ( a very good fat that keeps us looking young and slim )
5. Rich in iron, giving you more energy at Xfit
6. Rich in Zinc to boost the immune system
7. And many of the B – group vitamins for your nerves and energy to keep up with your kids

There are 56 different kinds of kangaroos, from small rat-sized marsupials to the two metre tall red kangaroo. Some are rare and endangered but for the most part they are quite a pest for farmers in Australia. Before kangaroo entered the market as a gourmet meat and a super food,they were being culledby the government, in the thousands every year, to control numbers and help the farmers.
Someone got smart and killed two birds with one stone.. or was it smart? There is a lot of controversy about culling kangaroos as a pest and the marketing of it’s meat and fur. I must say it is the epitome of a fine Paleo meat.

Funnily enough, you can even buy kangaroo meat in Thailand! SO, I am pretty sure you can improve your box jumps too – where ever you may be…