What to do in Chiang Mai on a Paleo Holiday…Part one

It is now high season in Chiang Mai. It is not only due to the approaching holiday season, but also because this is the very best time to visit and experience Chiang Mai at it’s best.
The temperatures are optimal and there are so many things going on, it makes my head spin.
Art fairs, balloon festivals, outdoor music events and marathons, just to name a few.
Christmas parties are a bob a dozen and finally it is cool enough to participate in everything.
The days start at somewhere between 15 and 20 degrees and can reach up to 30 during the day, then cooling down once the sun descends into the west.
This season is really the best time to explore the hiking tracks around Chiang Mai. CrossFit was closed yesterday, so we all went for a pilgrimage hike up one of Chiang Mai’s most magical mountains, Doi Suthep. The way was led by monk’s cloth markings and buddhist statues, waterfalls and a fairly easy trail – enough that our three year old managed it all the way up and back down again.



After about 40 minutes of walking we entered a small secret paradise, crossing a bridge ( of course ) over the waterfall, we entered the temple of the nine buddhas, where spirituality and nature meets harmoniously. Take a look at some of the pictures, they really tell the story…