The morning oil pull

morningI start every morning with an oil pull.
Take a good quality cold pressed oil. I use sesame or coconut oil.
Put a quantity in your mouth that you can swish around for a good 10-15 minutes. It really depends on the size of your mouth.
A dessert spoon should do it.
While swishing, boil the kettle, put some salt in a mug and once the kettle has boiled, add hot water to the salt – and keep swishing that oil.
You might want to add a bit of cold water to the salt water concoction, so you don’t scold your mouth.
When you have sufficiently swished the oil, spit it all out in the toilet.
It should be a white colour and seriously toxic.
Then take a mouthful of the salt water, swish it and spit it into the toilet as well. I usually do this a couple of times until I feel like the oil is all gone. Then I brush my teeth. I love the improvement in oral hygiene and I defintely have much mor energy for the rest of the day.
The worst thing you can do in the morning is take a sip of water. You are then ingesting all of the bacteria that has been partying in your mouth through the night.The after party in your stomach will be nasty…

Next I make a apple cider vinegar mixture, the quantity is up to you. A shot with soda water and some squeezed lime is my preferred taste, but everyone has a different tolerance to this sour beverage. I do this for liver cleansing purposes and I really like the taste.

Some of you may think that you don’t have the time, but I can do all of this at 6am in the morning and get two kids ready for school.
The benefit is, by having oil swishing around in your mouth for most of the morning, you yell at your kids less and after about 3-5 days, they stop asking you ‘what is in your mouth mummy?’ and get themselves ready! Talk about two birds, one stone…

After the morning whirlwind of kids, packing lunches, school books, car pooling and piggy tails, I make myself a bullet proof coffee and let out a sigh of relief.

Three times a week I head off to CrossFit and I don’t eat breakfast until later, around ten.
What is your morning regime?morning