Pull up Challenge – Part One

I am hoping some family rock climbing activities might aid in the success of the pullup challenge.
I am hoping some family rock climbing activities might aid in the success of the pullup challenge.

rockclimbingYou know that scene in the movie – the hero is running across the bridge, the bridge collapses;
he is holding onto the edge of the remainder of the bridge, he pulls himself up and impressively reaches safety, wiping the sweat off his brow.
If that were me, I would be a goner.
I cannot pull up my own weight.
Having a ten year old means I have watched my fair share of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Percy Jackson and Transformer movies, where the need to pull oneself up means life or death.
The more I watched these movies and the more I attend CrossFit and fail to complete a pull up, the more I worry. What if there was a sink hole in my front yard and I was hanging onto the edge, the fiery centre of the earth beneath me.
I want to be the kick ass that pulls myself up, not the one that falls to their death letting out that defeated cry as I descend.
I see pull ups as a survival skill, not an exercise, in the true spirit of Paleo. I am pretty sure our Paleolithic ancestors needed to use pull ups whilst escaping fierce animals or other tribes.
As this year nears to an end, I am starting to consider the goals I want to set for 2014, one of them being a pull up. Some say twelve weeks training, some say more.
Apparently pull ups are more difficult for women as the necessary muscles are naturally less developed as those in men. I have already started training for the pull ups, by ditching the rubber bands that are used regularly in boxes and have started to use a normal bar bell from a kneeling position (perhaps I will get some divine intervention this way?).
I completed five sets of five, of these recently and the muscle pain afterwards was evident in my abs and lats – ‘ a good start,’ says CrossFit trainer, Monika.
It is a start – more work on the strategy to complete this challenge is to come.
Bring on those sink holes…If you haven’t seen ‘ This is the End’ with Seth Rogen and you need more motivation to complete a pull up – check it out. Great flick and so funny – another kind of ab work out…xx