Four days to go….

I went to the supermarket today and bought myself a tongue. Yes a tongue.
I will be taking it to the fabulous Teddy at the Narittaya resort ( home of the Paleo holiday/retreat), next week to make extraordinarily delicious delights with it. Right now it remains frozen in my fridge.
I hope I don’t have nightmares about it crawling up the stairs and licking my face with all its weird bumpy bits. (clean thoughts please)
My love of tongue comes from my years in Japan and my absolute love, love for Yakiniku restaurants. My favourite, was the thinly sliced tongue, grilled on the inbuilt BBQ plate, then eaten with a squeeze of lemon and a shake of Togarashi. Delicious.
I had another Japanese moment at the supermarket as I almost wet my pants with excitement – I found Konyaku noodles made with kelp flour! Totally, Paleo and another delicious blast from the past. I am not sure what to do with them just yet, my head is swirling with ideas, I just have to pick one.
AND, on top of that I found Gobo! An amazingly healthy root vegetable, that tastes delicious with sesame oil, homemade stock and I think I will throw some Tamari in too.
Can’t wait to write these into the recipe book. I will be adding Japanese and Thai cuisine to the repertoire.

My shopping victories for the day.
My shopping victories for the day.

I have to say I am definitely looking forward to the end of the 30 days. I am a little bit tired of cooking everything from scratch. I did try to go out to dinner a few times, but in Thailand, language barriers and different mentalities, towards food itself, makes keeping my 30 days clean, very challenging.
I will be off in the next few weeks to do a Paleo retreat of my own at Narittaya. I will sit back relax and let someone else think about what’s for dinner for a change, minus me always having to question what went in my food.
I am usually quite bold, but always asking people not to put sugar in the food, no MSG please and then ask them what oil they are using – Agh, it just gets too much after a while. I feel like a total pain in the bum and start to wonder if maybe they spat in my food for being such a nuisance.
I asked for a banana shake a few weeks ago, Just banana and ice please, no sugar, no milk – the lady shook her head and refused to make it for me as she claimed it was not AROI ( tasty). I didn’t need that fructose anyways… 🙁