Day 23 – A Party

Paleo muffins
Paleo muffins

I survived a birthday party! Baked some Paleo muffins, to help me along the way and off I went to Nancy’s birthday brunch. Luckily I have healthy friends – I particular liked the guava dish.;)
Socialising on Paleo is normally not a problem, I generally utilise the Pareto rule and at parties anything goes. A 30 Day Challenge is obviously, more challenging as the 100% rule applies, but if one concentrates on the true purpose of social gatherings, which is being together with friends, then food and drink doesn’t really matter.
Increased energy from the diet was evident, as I manned up to play in a parents vs kids soccer game. Those kids kick a hard ball and I think I need to get a pedicure today, playing barefoot was not a smart move at all.
We live in an expat community, most of us with children – an extended family. Some what isolated from the world, in a country still with many mysteries and communication barriers, we rely on each other for information and support. Who do we call when our kitchen is flooded, or where do I go to pay the water bill when it is overdue?
Without grandparents and other extended family members we also share our parenting experiences and ideas about health and education. As we have all chosen this unorthodox life, we all have many things in common – a love of adventure and travel, the courage to live in foreign lands, passion for foreign culture and tradition and we all love food and drink…
I really believe that expat life can be a great opportunity to increase your chances of being truly happy. Although it is sometimes a bumpy road, it enables you to rethink your life and your purpose. Moreover, it may allow you to “grow faster” than those who stay back home in a more stable and predictable environment.
We learn the most and the fastest, through direct experience. Next to learning obvious things such as a new culture and new people, you learn about the most important person in your life – yourself.
Eight days to go..