Day Ten – Who said I can’t eat muffins?

Day Nine – Who said I can’t eat muffins?

Meat Muffins
Meat Muffins

What a busy afternoon. Feverish child, school projects to complete and a 30 Day Challenge! It’s almost too much. To keep sane I started cooking amongst the chaos and came out with these meat muffins. They taste really good too! Got thumbs up from our son – and he is my toughest critic.
Our daughter broke out in a fever early in the afternoon. It has subsided now. Her illness today had me pondering a question.
What do people like to eat when they aren’t feeling well?
Personally, I crave watermelon and chocolate.
Ylvie, our youngest, it seems, craves boiled eggs – half soft and half loud!? (People who spend a lot of time with kids will get that.)
I found it firstly, great because it is a really clever choice, considering the health benefits of eggs.
On the other hand, I found it disgusting because I really don’t care for eggs. I eat them only because it is the healthy thing to do. Despite making some great egg recipes and breakfast alternatives to help me, I will never get excited about eating eggs. It’s a thing.
My mother, coincidentally, couldn’t eat eggs during my pregnancy. Does anybody else have a similar story? I couldn’t eat capsicum when I was pregnant, but the kids love them…so maybe it was just a coincidence…..or perhaps it is a blood type thing?
Some people have been asking for some recipes. I am in the process of developing a PDF for download soon, with all the recipes and tips. So stay tuned. Tomorrow – Day ten – The Sickly Sweet Sugar Sickness. Cheers!