Easy Paleo Snacks


A boiled egg is one of the best snacks you can have on Paleo, that is, if you can stomach them. As a child, my mum used to cut up rectangular shapes of buttered toast, that were just slender enough to fit in the egg for dipping. It made egg eating bearable. These days, I use julienne cut carrots and celery for dipping and they are just as effective and healthier. I do find that I can eat eggs better in the afternoon than in the morning despite them being a traditional breakfast food. What about you? Does anyone else have trouble facing that eggy smell at 7am?

Beef jerky is another great snack. We have a dehydrator, which makes life simple. We cut up steak thinly, usually while it is frozen to allow for easier slicing then we marinate it overnight in several different delicious concoctions. It has to be made in large batches and it doesn’t last long in my house.

Obviously, nuts are an easy snack, more than 20 gm a day is too much if you are aiming for weight-loss. I also love dates and cranberries, but try to eat them occasionally.


Pictured is one of my quick and easy delicious snacks, for when I want a special treat. It is effortless to make – sliced granny smith, sprinkled with cinnamon and a spoon (or two) of macadamia nut butter.

This week I found some freeze-dried fruits, with no added sugar and they sell them at 711 – strange. Definitely 100% fruit, apricot is my favourite. This is a real exception because there aren’t many Paleo snacks you can buy at the shop and eat straight out of the packaging.