Paleo Pesto and the Two Week Mark

I had a bit of time up my sleeve today and found myself in a meditative state creating some Paleo Pesto and Tomato Sauce (Ketchup).

One rule for a good Paleo kitchen, is not only make batches of everything to help keep you sane on those crazy days, but also – keep your jars! I love jars.
I felt really at home at a party a few months back, where the guys were drinking gin and tonics out of old 935gm olive jars. I love recycling and looking at them made me really thirsty. There, is a great idea for your next party.
But seriously, I collect jars to put a lot of my condiments inside. Sure I need some freezer friendly containers too, for the leftovers, but really, condiments don’t last long in our house.

Tomato Sauce
Pesto and
Baba Ganoush

All great friends to have in your fridge and really easy to create Paleo friendly versions.

I cooked up a delicious grass fed piece of steak this morning, but only ate a good part of one corner and the rest I put in the fridge.
Best moment of the day – Coming back home, from a long bike ride with my daughter and eating the rest of the steak with loads of my freshly made pesto. My stomach loved me for my morning efforts.
Traditionally, pesto includes parmigiano, which is dairy and a gut irritant, so one must omit this. My recipe includes:
Cold pressed Olive Oil
Macadamia nuts
Sun – dried tomatoes
Capers if you like them

Then I just crush it all together and put into my jars. It tastes wicked and compliments any cut of meat.
I throw it into salads as a dressing, or just eat it out of the jar with a spoon, when I need a quick snack.

Paleo Pesto in a long-loved jar.
Paleo Pesto in an long -loved jar.